Onsight Connect brings enterprise level secure video collaboration to the Windows PC. You can be in a live call with another Onsight user on an iPhone, iPad, Android Device, PC or Onsight rugged mobile device.

Share live video, still images, recordings and collaborate interactively using onscreen telestration and voice.



To log in to Onsight Connect, you need a User Name and Password. If you already have a User Name and Password, enter the information and select Login.

If you have forgotten your Password, press 'Forgot password' to receive an email with the temporary Password.

If you do not have a User Name, contact your internal Onsight system administrator.



  • Select the Contacts tab.
  • Select one of the contacts listed to initiate a call. A single tap or click will intiate the call.
  • Calls can also be initiated by selecting a contact on the Call History tab.
  • If the contact you need is not listed, see Add a Contact below.


  • Press the Red End Call button at the top right of the Viewer screen.


There are two ways to add a Contact. Both are found by tapping the '+' button on the top right of the Contacts window:

  1. Search the Directory
    • Press the '+' button.
    • Press the Search the Directory button, enter text in the Search bar and press 'Search' on the keyboard.
    • Press the contact(s) you want to add to select them.
    • Press the '+' button on the right to add.
  2. Create a New Contact
    • Press the'+' button.
    • Press the 'Create a New Contact' button.
    • Enter the name and SIP address of the contact and press 'ok'. If you do not know the SIP address of your contact, ask your internal Onsight system administrator.

The new contact will now appear in your Contacts list. You can tap their name to make a call.



You can invite guests to join your Onsight session if your company has enabled this service.

  • Select the Contacts tab.
  • Press the '+' button.
  • Press the 'Invite a Guest' button.
  • Fill out the Details: enter First Name, Last Name.
  • Select the Method (Email or SMS). Enter the email address or phone number.
  • Enter the Expiry Time (days)
  • Enable the 'Include option for guest to call me immediately' if you want your guest to automatically call you.
  • Enter your Invite Message.
  • Press the 'Send' button.
  • Your Guest will receive an email that includes instructions on how to download Onsight Connect.
  • You and your Guest will automatically appear on each other's Contacts list. Either of you can call the other person.


  • Select Call History to display a list of previous calls. Note: Calls are listed by Contact name.
  • Press a Contact name to initiate a new call to that contact.
  • Press the right arrow to view Call properties including date, time, duration, title, images, recordings, etc.


  • On the Dashboard, press Files.
  • Toggle between all thumbnails and a preview mode using the slider on the left.
  • Select the album (e.g. Onsight Media, Camera Roll) using the file folder button.
  • Add an album by pressing the '+'. Browse the files and press the Select button to add it to the albums tab.
  • Select an image or recording thumbnail to preview it.
  • Once you have selected the image or recording you can:
    • Play, Email, Delete, or View properties.
    • Press the 'on' Share button to share the file when in a live Onsight call.


Settings are typically configured by your Onsight Connect system administrator. In order to make changes to settings you must be granted Client Administrator privileges. Contact your administrator if you need to make changes.

  • On the Dashboard, press the Settings button.
  • Select the setting you wish to edit.
  • Select 'Media Configurations' to add a custom media configuration for your network environment. Press the '+' button to add the new Media Configuration.


The color of the System Health button provides a visual indicator. If the button is green, all the underlying services are available. If the button is red, one or more of the services is not available and could cause an issue. To view the details:

  • On the Dashboard, press the System Health button.
  • View the Network Interface, SIP Registration, TeamLink Registration, and Onsight Account Service status. If enabled, Remote Management status is also available.


When you are in an active Onsight call, press the 'on' Share button in the middle of the Viewer collaboration window to immediately share the live video from your camera (or an image or a recording). The 'on' Share button will glow when you are actively sharing.

To stop sharing your live video, simply press the 'on' Share button again.

Tip: If you want to see live video from another Participant's camera, ask them to select their 'on' Share button or go to the Participants panel and select their 'on' button yourself.



Tap the '?' button in the Viewer collaboration or Files windows to see a description of buttons, gestures and tips. Tap a tool tip to see more details on that item. It will take you to the Tool Tips menu, which covers the core functions such as taking pictures, camera controls, recording, and selecting media configurations.